Rok presented on November 24, 2020 in collaboration with the company artimis the elis experience feedback on its use of rok for the automated management of its sap access rights as part of the rex usf 2020 digital immersion.

An expert’s view: The necessary revolution of current BPM models

Why are BPM tools having a hard time on the markets when they should be praised for anticipating change, promoting evolution, containing risks and transmitting knowledge? Business Process optimization and Management tools are not properly operated in times of growth, and thus cannot properly function in times of austerity Like a pendulum, companies oscillate, according […]

Software publishers: a “pure player” strategy

In today’s tense economic climate, IT industry professionals are looking for new organizational models allowing them to rapidly develop market shares and deepen their competitive edge. In this context, many approaches coexist with various positions, among which we can count direct sales, indirect, and mixed models. In this document, differences between each model will be […]

ROK Solution and the ROK Store: a Collaborative Intelligence Revolution

ROK Solution, publisher of a collaborative intelligence solution that helps structure and share company know-how efficiently, announces ROK version 3. Far from stopping there, ROK presents their ROK Store, which will allow companies to access business reference sheets relevant to their sector, and integrate them in real time. ROK 3.0 combined with the ROK store […]

ROK Solution will attend French Tech Tour 2012

ROK Solution, publisher of a Collaborative Intelligence platform, has been selected to attend the famous French Tech Tour 2012. For ROK, this is a year of innovation and consecration, as success and awards keep piling up: 1st place Microsoft Finance Innovation Award, successful fundraisers, and now tickets for the French Tech Tour 2012! For this […]

Competitiveness “for Dummies”, a message from the CEO

Going back to Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO’s column on French newspaper In a global market economy, being competitive is no longer an option, it’s about survival. “I strongly reject shortcuts and simplifications of a somewhat political and controversial nature, which tend to undermine the issue, limiting it to a question of costs, financial, […]

Corporate Social Network or Collaborative Intelligence Solution?

Not unlike technological advances which helped put the Industrial Revolution into motion in Europe during the 18th Century, the digital era (and more particularly CSNs) is a seminal element of a new economic and social order. Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO states: “The challenge is happening on a global scale this time, and blindingly fast. […]

ROK Solution raises 1.5 Million Euros

ROK Solution manage to entice new investors and finish their fundraiser with 1.5 Million Euros. Thanks to support from both newer and older investors, ROK Solution aim to boost their growth and deepen their competitive edge, by entering the American market. Collaborative Intelligence aims to allow company collaborators to pool together their know-how, in order […]

Back to “Digital: Year One”

On May 12th, 2015, ROK Solution invited 200 company managers and partners to their conference called “Digital: Year One”. Many exceptional speakers have taken the floor to share their experience, views, and advice. The main theme, Company digitalization, is one of the most high-stakes and pressing matters for professionals in 2015. Not only is it […]