ROK – A driving force for franchises

ROK’s platform aims to allow franchise network leaders to share good practices that set them apart, use business references, optimize performances and monitor franchisees’ activities. ROK Solution, publisher of a Collaborative Intelligence solution, presents a cutting-edge platform that allows to generate franchise-related practices, manage networks efficiently, monitor franchisees’ activities, and optimize their formation. Franchisors and […]

ROK Solution and the ROK Store: a Collaborative Intelligence Revolution

ROK Solution, publisher of a collaborative intelligence solution that helps structure and share company know-how efficiently, announces ROK version 3. Far from stopping there, ROK presents their ROK Store, which will allow companies to access business reference sheets relevant to their sector, and integrate them in real time. ROK 3.0 combined with the ROK store […]

“Competitiveness above all is about promoting innovation” – Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO

At the heart of current matters, the topic of company competitiveness is a very lively one. Even though companies tend to consider innovation with a costs and performance-oriented approach, it remains an essential factor of competitive differentiation. Olivier Bourrouilh, CEO of ROK Solution, a collaborative intelligence platform aiming to promote innovation and performance optimization for […]

Manage your Fast and Lean Closing Projects

A ROK Client recently told us: “We close accounts in less than 10 days and our productivity has increased by 50%”. What if you were next? Completing Accounting Closing procedures in a timely manner is an important challenge for finance managers. So important in fact, that account closing times are often seen as health indicators […]

Out with BPM, in with iBPMS!

Even though BPM has been acclaimed when it first appeared, it no longer meets company expectations or requirements. Meet iBPMS! Even though the aim of BPM (Business Process Management) was initially to tackle the issue of “optimizing organization and promoting innovation to boost competitiveness”, we now see that this promise is not being kept. Previous […]

Model and execute collaborative processes: a key to success for organizations in 2013

In the current context, too many rigid IT solutions do not allow companies to adapt fast enough. It is time we gained back operational control over company processes. Processes today are the cornerstone of an organization’s performance. Modeling processes can allow to structure, organize and visually execute company activities, and efficiently manage the following aspects: […]

Get competitive now! From promises to reality with ROK Solution

In an environment of highly tense market conditions, it is time for companies to take initiative and gain a competitive edge to keep leading the race. Improve transversal process productivity In an environment of highly tense market conditions, it is time for companies to take initiative and gain a competitive edge to keep leading the […]

Switch to Fast Accounting Closing

Producing complete monthly balance sheets as fast as possible (fast closing) has become a major challenge for many finance managers. Even beyond regulation concerns, in an ever-changing economic environment, the aim of fast closing is to provide operational departments and finance management with essential decision-making information which needs to be delivered faster and with greater […]

Discover ROK App “Certification of Public Hospital accounts”

Learn how to guide and optimize hospital account certification processes The principle of hospital account certification is part of the “Hospital, Patient, Health and Territory” (HPST) French law, passed in July 2009. The French Direction of Healthcare services (DGOS) and Public Finance General Directorate (DGFIP) have published two methodology guides: The Guide on Hospital Account […]