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A large World Bank facing regulatory constraints

Digital twin of SAP rights

Manages its organization charts and organizational transformations

Streamlining supplier repository data

HSBC came to ROK with an access and compliance problem linked to outdated procedures in a highly regulated environment. Because no market solution came close to being able to deal with complex banking environments, HSBC was stuck with illegible procedures, high error rates and costly manual adjustments.

6th largest bank in the worldAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
6th largest bank in the world

by 2020, and the largest in Europe

10 000 employeesAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
10 000 employees

in France

250 agenciesAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
250 agencies

in France

Having a particularly rigorous and secure management of application access was Elis’s main prerequisite before deploying the SAP solution internationally. With highly critical data available on SAP, Elis was searching for a solution that could single-handedly deal with access management rights, define a functional framework on both organizational and systemic roles and guarantee compliance.


SAP customers are particularly exposed to this disconnect because of the complexity of SAP IDM.

Intense external growth strategyAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
Intense external growth strategy

International group with an intense external growth strategy

45000 employeesAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
45,000 employees

In 5 years, Elis grew from 16,000 to 45,000 employees

28 countriesAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
28 countries

Presence in 28 countries with 400 production sites

Novares came to ROK with a global lack of visibility of internal 

movements and a growing difficulty to maintain control over the organisation due to its acquisition strategy.


HR and IT teams were burdened with lack of visibility, uncontrolled access rights and siloed applications not taking into account the company as a whole.

13 billionAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
€1.3 billion

turnover in 2019

⅓ of vehicles producedAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
⅓ of produced vehicles

On average, ⅓ of vehicles produced globally are equipped with Novares solutions

23 countriesAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
23 countries

with 43 production plants

Before the implementation of ROK, each independent entity would create its supplier’s files in the ERP with an uneven level of quality.

Transdev realized that the severely degraded data quality did not meet the standards of internal control and finance audits. This was hobbling its procure-to-pay initiative.

World class playerAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
World-class player

in the mobility market

74 billionAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
€7.4 billion


85 000 employeesAutomatically updated0Aaccess management
85 000 employees

Presence in 17 countries

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