Model your organization and its ecosystem simply and quickly, regardless of its complexity, and ensure real-time tracking of workflows using the LCAP module (onboarding).

Who's Who: the ultimate solution to visualize and orchestrate your organization

ROK enables you to understand and organize the architecture of your corporate group and its ecosystem.


Modeling of the ecosystem

ROK adopts a systemic approach to capture the interactions between various components of your ecosystem (divisions, processes, products, services, supplier markets, partners, service providers, etc.), using information such as company brochures, product types, suppliers, regions, etc.

Internal ecosystem

écosystème interne

External ecosystem

écosystème externe


Digital organizational chart

ROK can understand the roles, positions, and responsibilities of employees, as well as their hierarchy and functional relationships. To achieve this, simply connect your HRIS and electronic directory to ROK or create a no-code collection flow directly within our software.


Multi-company organizational chart

By combining these two aspects, ROK provides a detailed view of your company, its different parts, and its organization, unlike traditional organizational charts that focus on the hierarchical structure. With ROK, you can visualize the interconnections between different parts of the company.


Fiche de poste

Profil utilisateur


Updated in real-time

ROK is capable of automatically updating organizational charts in real-time based on employee movements, such as onboarding, outboarding, and job changes, and is integrated with the HRIS for smooth and efficient human resources management.

ROK, the digital twin of your organization

Model any organization, even complex ones.


Matrix organization

ROK clearly displays employees who have dual reporting lines in an organization, where they work both in a project team and in a specific function.


Divisional organization

ROK divides your company into distinct divisions, each being responsible for a specific product or service.


Functional organization

ROK can group employees according to their specialization, with the same hierarchical supervisor for employees within the same department.

Revolutionize your vision of the organizational chart

ROK is capable of providing personalized and filterable organizational charts according to all your criteria for a comprehensive understanding of your company and its ecosystem.


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