Promote digital initiatives
through No Code applications
All while strengthening security

ROK is the world’s first compliant-by-design No Code platform that natively combines robust Identity Governance and Administration services with No Code application creation and orchestration abilities.

Team Management

What's Team management?

It's the ability of a manager or an organization to coordinate a group of persons into performing one or more tasks.


ROK is a simple and powerful answer

ROK allows to remotely create task forces, prioritizing tasks assigned to them, and coordinate and assist teams in all the duration of your digital transformation projects.

Secure & Comply (IAM)

What is IAM ? (Source Gartner)

« Identity and access management (IAM) is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

IAM addresses the mission-critical need to ensure appropriate access to resources across increasingly heterogeneous technology environments, and to meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements. IAM is a crucial undertaking for any enterprise. It is increasingly business-aligned, and it requires business skills, not just technical expertise »


By design ROK is an IAM solution

According to Gartner « Enterprises that develop mature IAM capabilities can reduce their identity management costs and, more importantly, become significantly more agile in supporting new business initiatives »

Transform (LCAP)

What is low-code / no-code?

A low-code platform (LCAP) is the promise of an environment that allows you to create applications through a graphical interface with a minimal or noprogramming knowledge. The share of programming without code is generally estimated at 80%.

A no-code platform prevents you from needing any programming skill.


ROK is a no-code platform

The advantage of this type of platform is twofold:

  • Go fast and agile
  • Delegate to the business what was the responsibility of IT yesterday

The disadvantage of this double advantage is less control over access management, compliance and therefore high exposure to cybercrime.

Build your transformation on a ROK

Don't compromise your IT security & access governance when building your powerful low-code applications!

The number of cloud applications deployed has mushroomed

Businesses are under pressure to digitalize and solutions are often deployed with no IT oversight and little thought given to security.

The dawn of no code and hyper automation

In order to remain competitive, companies must promote individual initiatives through no code applications, under security control which can be done thanks to our unique solution automating back-office processes.

Remote work has become a new default

The global pandemic is also forcing a dramatic change to the way we work. For many companies, remote work has become a new default. For security teams, the move is causing chaos.

The more you transform, the more you’re exposed to risk

Shadow IT
Identity Sprawl

The more you transform, the more you’re subject to regulation constraints

Data breaches

Cybercriminals are feasting on COVID

As the COVID-19 is spreading across the world, cybercrime levels have been rising with it. Cybercriminals take advantage of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the increased time spent online, and the work from home policy.

You need an all-in-one platform

that natively handles access management in complex, hybrid environments.

You need an easy to use no code solution

that enables business professionals and their consultants to create new applications, orchestrate existing ones, no coding required.

You need a secured application

that creates inherent compliance and safeguards it over time.

You need a solid foundation

to enable citizen app creation initiatives.

Your Company’s Cornerstone

ROK is ideally suited to support the digital transformation of business and governmental organizations that must reconcile stringent security, compliance and digital transformation needs.

Secure With ROK


Master With ROK

Team Management

Success stories

With transformation and Automation emerges the need for a powerful low-code platform, businesses need a solution that doesn’t compromise with IT security & access governance.

ROK’s award-winning approach

ROK’s solutions focus on providing security and digitalization to allow companies to tackle their challenges of both reliability and agility.