Digital Transformation and Compliance in the Financial Sector

HSBC, one of the world's largest banks, faced significant challenges in compliance and access in a highly regulated environment. The need for a solution capable of simplifying and securing its processes led to the adoption of ROK Solution.


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Navigate through a regulatory maze

Faced with outdated procedures and a complex regulatory environment, HSBC needed a solution capable of modernizing and securing its processes.

Accounts certification and procedures

Ensuring the integrity and certification of financial and operational processes.

IT independence for updating workflows

Enable HSBC teams to manage workflows without external IT dependency.

Mastery of financial and legal risks

Ensuring full compliance with banking sector regulations.
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The ROK Solution

A one-stop platform for compliance and efficiency.
Webapp et No Code

Compliance and secure access

The ROK Solution has centralized and secured access to 1,300 business procedures (+2000 documents) for 7,000 agents, covering all aspects of banking.

Advanced user interface

A one-stop platform has been implemented to map and document procedures, significantly improving access and information management.

Winner of the 'Finance Innovation Trophy' Award

The deployment of ROK was honored with the first Prize of the ‘Finance Innovation Trophy’ for its unique support to the financial sector.
This company is developing an extremely important activity for the financial industry and will serve banking and financial companies in their work. Here are the reasons that led to this choice [to award the trophy to ROK Solution].”Arnaud de Bresson, Finance Innovation, CEO

Key benefits for HSBC

A measurable transformation at HSBC.

Improved audits and error reduction

HSBC’s audit results have improved, exceeding Basel III requirements, and error processing time has been significantly reduced.

Risk management and transparency

A publication process has enabled continuous control involving key collaborators and increased transparency, strengthening risk management and compliance.

Accessibility and version control

HSBC’s repository has become easily accessible to auditors, ensuring transparent management and accurate documentation of changes. Facilitation of ISO 9001 best practices application.
Gestion des risques
The collaboration between HSBC and ROK Solution has successfully addressed regulatory and operational challenges, demonstrating the effectiveness of the ROK platform in the highly regulated financial sector.

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