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Low Code Application

First video (1/3) of a series explaining the main aspects of the ROK solution.

The citizen developer is born! Use ROK to envision and develop any application hands-on with the integrated toolbox.

Identity Access Management

Second video (2/3) of a series explaining the main aspects of the ROK solution.

Combat cybercrime while ensuring compliance! Use ROK to manage your application rights and maintain an up-to-date organizational chart.

Team Management

Third video (3/3) of a series explaining the main aspects of the ROK solution.

ROK offers powerful collaborative tools to develop your applications as a team.


Identity Access Management (IAM) – Authorize the right people to access the right resources, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Discover how IAM works in ROK through a demo divided into 4 episodes:

1) Onboarding of an employee
2) Access validation & Organizational chart update
3) Provisioning example (Active Directory, Office 365, Ticketing tool)
4) Offboarding of an employee (Organizational chart update, access rights update)

Onboarding App in 10 minutes

Design a complete application from A to Z in less than 10 minutes with the No Code ROK platform.

Create a real “onboarding for a new hire” application that is secure and integrated with your ecosystem.

In this video, we will showcase an example of an application that will help you manage the welcoming process for new employees.


Mutate to digital

An ATAWADAC solution to manage your team and ecosystem.

Surf the digital tsunami

With ROK Solution connect the people, interoperate your ecosystems, create new apps, display informations and tasks. The best software for managing your business.

Digitalize consulting

Warning consulting and integration compagnies business will merge under digital transformation pressure into one single digitalize offer.

2021 Build your transformation on a ROK

With the first solution integrating the modeling of your workflows (IBPM), robots (RPA) in NoCode while managing and steering your authorizations (IAM).


ELIS feedback on the ROK solution, with the participation of Atos, new ROK reseller

Atos becomes a non-exclusive reseller of ROK SOLUTION.
On this occasion ROK invites you to a webinar to discover the tool as well as the experience feedback from ELIS on the way in which the group has piloted identity governance in the SAP environment with our solution.
Atos will present its identity management offer in a SAP environment, enriched by the innovations brought by ROK.

SAP authorizations

Composite role, Derived role, Simple role, with ROK it’s over! No need to know the specificities of SAP to manage your authorizations. ROK Solution offers you a pre-configured, hand-crafted application that will allow you to quickly and securely manage your rights.

SAP Authorization Management Demonstration

Follow the history of several employees within a company according to their SAP authorizations evolutions.



-VIRGINIE TROJMAN (Head of management applications – Elis Group)
-ARNAUD DE LA BRETESCHE (Sales Manager – ROK Solution)
-PHILIPPE MANOLIS (Business Excellence Manager – ArtimIS)


Maintain, create and share your procedure repositories

Application creation interface

Building an application with ROK is about quickly and easily organizing a set of tasks in an intuitive and collaborative way.


Laurent Deleville (Safran Collaborative Innovation Director)

who uses ROK Solution for the S.P.I.R.I.T project which aims to digitize open innovation business processes within Safran.

François Blanc - DSI Elis

François Blanc tells us about the use of ROK to manage SAP authorizations within the Elis group.

Arnaud Montebourg ROK Solution conference "Year 1 of Digital" of 05.12.2015

To close this conference, Arnaud Montebourg, former Minister of the Economy, Productive Recovery and Digital, spoke. He explains in two points why he supports ROK Solution which is, according to him, a pioneer in digital transformation.

Awarding of the trophy

Arnaud de Bresson presents Olivier Bourrouilh CEO of ROK-Solution with the 2012 innovation prize as part of the Microsoft Finance Innovation 2012 symphosium.

Digital video of the week

Multi tenant and Multi instance cloud

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A robot for your OCR

Week #3

Automatically manage employee rights

Week #4

Digitize the consulting firm

Week #5

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