Optimize application usage and IT costs

Under-utilization of management software amounts to an annual average of 9.6 billion Euros in Europe, according to a study published in 2014 by Sage.

Un-optimized usage of existing application components

Example: If your CRM parameters do not allow proper process monitoring for lead and opportunity management, you can lay out the ad hoc flux in ROK and link it to your CRM base. You will then ensure maximum process synergy, while also:

  • Reducing the number of license subscriptions
  • Broadening user perimeter

Obsolescent application components

Example: Your Business Process Analysis (BPA) and workflow Management tools (BPM) have been developed on older application components, but they still hold a substantial quantity of data and information accumulated over time, that account for many hours of work.

You are hesitant to upgrade because of the necessary recovery costs, delays and management this could require.

ROK allows you to recover existing data and resources quickly and migrate to a digital user-centric, easily-accessible Cloud-based solution you will be able to maintain and curate simply and efficiently.

“Silo-based” application components

Example: Your knowledge base is shared on a variety of terminals; intranet, extranet, social media, ECM, mapping and analysis tools …

ROK will allow you to recover and/or centralize this information safely, in order to “Push” it to your collaborators when they need it (contextual management), on any terminal available, thanks to a digital hub system.

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