ROK Solution and the ROK Store: a Collaborative Intelligence Revolution

ROK Solution, publisher of a collaborative intelligence solution that helps structure and share company know-how efficiently, announces ROK version 3. Far from stopping there, ROK presents their ROK Store, which will allow companies to access business reference sheets relevant to their sector, and integrate them in real time. ROK 3.0 combined with the ROK store makes the cornerstone of a highly-operational offer, dedicated to performance optimization for companies and their collaborators.

A groundbreaking new concept

Collaborative intelligence aims to allow company collaborators to pool their knowledge and know-how to carry out projects or optimize their daily workflow. For such a system to work, heterogeneous information and expertise need to be combined, structured, organized, and shared efficiently. Designed for company operatives, ROK’s platform puts end-users back at the heart of their approach and allows to capitalize on immaterial company assets so as to improve performance and flexibility.

The platform’s organic and systematic approach, which uses patented algorithms, allows users to navigate various departments and hubs in their company. These tools allow them to collaborate easily and transparently with anyone in their work environment. ROK helps generate the synergies required to carry out company projects.

A unique user experience

By getting rid of conventional navigation bars and drop-down menus, ROK seeks to redesign management tools. Users are organically immersed in their work environment. ROK’s interface offers a new vision of Human-Machine Interaction. This innovation allows to consider the human side of organization. IS rights management is automated, and document transfers are completely secure, making processes only accessible by the relevant collaborators. Users are instantly recognized by the platform, making it unnecessary to browse contextual menus. All the necessary information comes to the relevant users without them needing to spend a minute looking for it.

ROK Store, immediate access to business reference descriptions

ROK goes beyond the platform itself and follows through, announcing the ROK Store. ROK Store allows to instantly integrate specific references, as well as business and sectorial know-how, adapt it to specific needs, and deploy it in a structured, operational manner. ROK Store also allows consultants and experts to share knowledge with all platform users, who can in turn access a number of applications, free or paid, in order to structure their own organization. More than a simple database, ROK Store is a true pool of high-potential business knowledge, which can be directly integrated as a ROK app. ROK Store puts an end to operation managers’ nightmares, sparing them the need to start new projects completely from scratch.

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