ROK Solution recruit their new Vice-President

The board of directors at ROK Solution gains a new member, Michaël Tartar. This strategic nomination shows their ability to surround themselves with the greatest experts to support their development in France and abroad.

In this position, Michaël Tartar will play a crucial role in developing ROK’s presence on the market. He will have to act on three major aspects: company structure and organization, commercial strategy and marketing. He will also be in charge of supporting and bolstering the company’s digitalization, making ROK Solution more flexible and efficient. Michaël Tartar will be in direct collaboration with ROK solution’s leadership.

Michaël Tartar, ROK Solution Executive Vice-President: “With ROK Solution, digital companies are no longer a concept. They have become a reality. We are the only actor on the market who has succeeded in showing its true colors, thanks to our Collaborative Intelligence platform. My mission consists in promoting our unique know-how and generalizing its use among our clients. ROK Solution makes it possible for companies to shift gears and meet their clients’ requirements better, by offering a newer, more flexible approach to digital collaboration.”

Michaël Tartar (@Michaëltartar), former senior digital consulting manager for BearingPoint France, has built his career on new technology. He developed the distribution system for the French National Library catalog on emerging Object Technology. He later joined the department of new technology at Euriware, to help launch the first B2B transactional websites.

When he joined Andersen, he first developed an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution, for names and brands wishing to keep their Information System up to date. Collaborating with B2C marketing and sales management teams, his technical knowledge has also contributed to develop sales and online client relations, and carry out digital migration processes.

Michaël Tartar has graduated from EPITA IT School in software engineering, and obtained an MBA from the Paris Business Administration Institute (IAE). He has contributed to numerous publications on the digital revolution, including his latest book “Digital Transformation: 5 key opportunities for companies (in French)”, published in 2014. Michaël Tartar also gives conferences and keeps publishing on his blog, Michaë

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