ROK Solution, the first multilingual Collaborative Intelligence platform (10 languages)

ROK adds new languages to its multilingual version! As of today, users can collaborate and share in ten different languages.

After receiving acclaim from all over the world, ROK solution chose to add new languages to its multilingual Collaborative Intelligence Platform. Now, ROK users will be able to collaborate and share knowledge in ten languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. ROK can now be used in more than 140 countries and covers all continents.

The addition of these new languages can benefit from ROK Solution’s platform as well, allowing to localize ROK Solution quickly if needed. ROK’s unique approach to language management allows to differentiate processes and knowledge by localizing them, making it possible for users to:

  • Translate content integrated in ROK Solution
  • Switch between languages easily within ROK.

Local specificities can then be respected, as part of global knowledge sharing and collaboration.

This new stage of development for ROK Solution shows how the platform can support international clients wishing to develop multilingual, cross-cultural and localized collaborative processes.

“The services our solution provides are universal. This universality needs to be at the heart of our user interface as well. This multi-language version strengthens ROK’s international and mobile aspects, allowing it to be deployed on the Cloud, providing managers everywhere with a user-friendly touch interface”, concludes Olivier Bourrouilh-Parège, ROK Solution CEO.

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