HR Optimization and Access Management : The Approach for the Chief Human Resources Officer

As Chief Human Resources Officer, you play a crucial role in maintaining the organizational structure and facilitating HR processes within your organization. Challenges include managing rapid internal changes, such as acquisitions, mergers, and internal mobility, while ensuring that each employee has access to the necessary resources to accomplish their tasks.


You need to ensure effective management of the organization in a rapidly changing environment and bridge the gap between processes, knowledge, and access management.

Strategic​ Objectives

Keeping the organizational chart up to date

Ensuring an accurate representation of the organizational structure despite rapid changes.

Streamlining internal processes

Simplifying HR procedures for hiring, onboarding, internal transfers, and departures.

Appropriate access for employees

Ensuring that all employees have necessary access for their work.
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The ROK Solution

A platform that supports dynamic organizational management and streamlining of HR processes.

Dynamic organizational chart management

Facilitates real-time updates to the organizational chart, accurately reflecting changes within the organization.

Automation of updates

Changes in the organizational chart are automatically reflected, ensuring consistent access management with current roles.

Transition Management

Facilitates resource management during acquisitions, mergers, and other organizational changes.

Intuitive tools for HR Workflow

Providing tools to streamline and automate HR processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Automation of HR Processes

Simplification of Hiring, Onboarding, Internal Transfers, and Departure Processes.

Centralized documentation

Maintaining a centralized database of responsibilities and procedures, accessible to all employees.

Key Benefits​

Simplification of HR processes and securing access for optimal organization management.

Optimized HR processes

Employee management processes are streamlined, reducing the time and effort required for internal transitions.

Consistent documentation and access

Ensures consistent documentation and access to resources and information for all employees, facilitating their daily work.

Effective change management

Enables smooth management of access rights and resources, even in contexts of major organizational changes.

Improved communication

Strengthens communication between the HR department and the IT service, ensuring that tools and access are properly aligned with employees’ needs.

Intuitiveness of workflow tools

Intuitive workflow tools ensure that functions and responsibilities are clearly defined and managed efficiently.

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