Security and Governance of Information Systems : The Approach for the Chief Information Security Officer

As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you are responsible for protecting the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your company's data. You must navigate through a constantly evolving threat landscape while supporting the business objectives of the company and ensuring effective security governance.

You need to easily report on the risk environment both holistically and within the organization in order to provide management with the information necessary for governance.

Strategic​ Objectives

Data protection

Ensure flawless security throughout the data lifecycle, anticipating and neutralizing significant risks.

Risk management

Provide accurate and ongoing assessment of the risk environment, facilitating strategic decision-making by the leadership.

Supporting business objectives

Supporting the company’s innovation and growth initiatives with a secure IT infrastructure.

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The ROK Solution

A robust platform for data protection and security governance within the organization.

Acceleration of digital transformation

Implementing automated systems for access management and supporting the rapid development of business applications.

Automated provisioning

Automating access management to prevent separation of duties conflicts and simplify user integration into IT systems.

Accelerated adoption of Applications

Facilitating secure development and deployment of applications that meet business needs.

Security and compliance for innovation

Providing a solid foundation for application development and data management, ensuring that innovation initiatives take place in a secure and compliant framework.

Tool security

Provides teams with the ability to create applications without compromising data security.


Critical data management

Ensures secure management and storage of sensitive information, supporting compliance and remote work.

Key Benefits​

ROK Solution supports information security, risk management, and IT governance, while facilitating innovation and digital transformation within the company.

Innovation Leadership

Reinforce your leadership role in innovation initiatives by providing a secure and agile infrastructure.

Support for business teams

Offer flexible and secure technological solutions that meet the dynamic needs of business teams.

Cloud Strategy and Compliance

Combine effective cloud migration with a robust compliance strategy to optimize security and governance.

Reducing security complexity

Simplify security management in the face of growing shadow IT and complex security requirements.

Facilitating remote work

Ensure secure and transparent access to resources, thereby reducing risks associated with remote work configurations.

Improvement of Risk management

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the risk environment to effectively inform leadership and support decision-making.

Enhance your security posture and effectively drive risk governance!