Become your own app developer

What for?

  • Create and promote new offers.
  • Complement features that are not supported by your existing app system.
  • – Centralize services and systems that do not communicate, and connect them all together into one app system.
  • Optimize and adapt your tools’ user experience to your business specificities (CRM, ERM, CSNs, Intranet…), and readapt often underused and wrongly utilized solutions to your specific needs.
  • Bring mobility, even to your oldest app components.
  • Connect objects and devices together with your app system.
  • Meet urgent requirements that your IT could not immediately satisfy before, while the market is constantly and rapidly evolving.


  • By intuitively modeling your flows thanks to a user-friendly interface driving a powerful exogenous workflow engine
  • By creating your own interactive forms thanks to an built-in editor
  • By creating your own API connections (web services, etc…) with other useful apps and databases thanks to an intuitive rules engine based on natural language.
  • By simply recording and automatically digitalizing navigation on any app into your flows.
  • By customizing the existing app interface and adapting it to your needs
  • By publishing your custom apps in a secure and manageable way onto your collaborator’s desktops, and anywhere in your system, desk and mobile terminals included.

What are the benefits?

Expected ROI:

  • Interactively create a digital desktop for your collaborators and clients without IT management, within 3 months
  • Create an app to support the development of a new product or offer within 2 weeks

Upgraded or optimized tools:

  • E-mail clients
  • Spreadsheets and tables
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Electronic Content & Resource Management


  • Your Information System can follow the pace of business evolution.
  • – Orphan process management and operation can be significantly improved.


  • Reduce IT costs
  • Reclaim control over application tools

With ROK, you can design and layout your processes, push them to various actors via intelligent application solutions that allow interactive input, give access to useful and relevant documentation, monitor working time and activity, describe tasks, broadcast video tutorials, and seamlessly integrate communication (chat, voice, conference call or email) into the entire collaborative structure.

By modeling your processes into ROK, you are already developing your app tool and making it available, simply and easily.

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