Discover ROK App “Certification of Public Hospital accounts”

Learn how to guide and optimize hospital account certification processes

The principle of hospital account certification is part of the “Hospital, Patient, Health and Territory” (HPST) French law, passed in July 2009. The French Direction of Healthcare services (DGOS) and Public Finance General Directorate (DGFIP) have published two methodology guides:

  • The Guide on Hospital Account Reliability Certification
  • The Methodology Guide for Information System auditing

These two guides aim to help healthcare facilities meet their requirements in terms of account reliability and IS auditability. ROK Solution integrated every recommendation, mapping, process and tool contained in those two guides within the “Certification of Public Hospital Accounts” ROK App, in order to make them directly applicable, easily accessible and dynamically linked.

This ROK App became an essential tool to anticipate and carry out hospital account certification in a comfortable and practical way, while steadily leading teams along the way of digital change.

Don’t wait! Discover our ROK App “Certification of Public Hospital Accounts” on the ROK Store now.

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