Corporate Social Network or Collaborative Intelligence Solution?

Not unlike technological advances which helped put the Industrial Revolution into motion in Europe during the 18th Century, the digital era (and more particularly CSNs) is a seminal element of a new economic and social order.

Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO states: “The challenge is happening on a global scale this time, and blindingly fast. This revolution influences societal (the “Arab springs” are an example) and economic matters (like the shorter economic channels of e-commerce) alike.

The CSN phenomenon (Corporate Social Networks) emerges as an obvious next step for companies, but can also be seen as a constraint or a threat. Even though no one denies their importance or their omnipotence, particularly considering how younger generations use them, one can legitimately question what they can bring to companies and feel reluctant towards their definitive, instantaneous and almost wild aspect.”

“The solutions available today are driven by technology rather than being built around requirements and solutions. Now, about 70% of CAC 40 companies have their own corporate social network, but we can legitimately wonder what kind of added value they really generate… as well as risks.

What CSNs mean for companies above all, is a complete paradigm shift.

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