ROK Solution, a valuable tool for strategy and international expansion

ROK Solution helps drive growth and profit for companies who wish to boost their development and reach new international markets.

According to a study on the international presence of French actors, carried out by INSEE, the French national statistics office: “There are about 2500 French groups in charge of 31 000 subsidiaries outside of France, counting 4.7 million employees internationally, and 4.2 million in France.” Establishing an organization that manages to share good practices with several subsidiaries and collaborate on global matters is becoming an important challenge for these companies.

ROK Solution helps drive growth and profit for companies who wish to boost their development and reach new international markets.

The service ROK Solution provides is tailored for companies who wish to expand internationally. Thanks to ROK Solution:

  • Deploy our solution in less than an hour to all your subsidiaries in France and abroad: ROK Solution is available in the Cloud, and marketed as SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Collaborate in multiple languages on your transversal processes: ROK allows instant collaboration and knowledge sharing on common topics, in multiple languages. ROK includes extended localization features, covering more than 120 world regions.
  • Manage your collaborators access rights automatically: All the involved collaborators (on-site or in another subsidiary) in your projects are integrated simply and dynamically, and benefit from a clear view of the collaborative tasks each member needs to perform.
  • Measure and monitor your subsidiaries’ performances in real time: ROK Solution provides managers with a monitoring dashboard that allows them to see “who does what, where, how and when”. A series of key numbers and indicators helps to instantly identify elements that may need improvement.
  • No need for change management: ROK Solution is easy to implement, learn and use, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Updates are automatic and deployed in real time.

ROK Solution helps companies wishing to carry out international expansion strategies and improves their subsidiaries’ performance to increase their responsiveness towards competitors. With their innovative solution, which integrates and harnesses the latest technology in an intuitive interface, ROK Solution significantly improves company responsiveness on markets where competitive pressure is always increasing. Improve your transversal flow productivity by up to 80% with ROK Solution!

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