Optimizing ERP Systems for International Expansion

Elis, a global leader in rental and maintenance services, faced a colossal challenge related to SAP access management as part of its rapid international expansion. The complexity of ERP systems and strict compliance requirements called for an innovative solution for secure and efficient management. In this context, Elis chose ROK Solution, marking the beginning of a significant transformation of its ERP operations.


Elis International Group: Strong Growth and Challenges for ERP Innovation


Revenue in 2023 (intense external growth)

45 000

Employees (16,000 five years ago)


Countries (400 production sites)

SAP Access Complexity and Compliance

Faced with the complexity of SAP IDM and strict regulatory requirements, Elis was seeking a solution to securely and controlled manage SAP access, a crucial issue for its international deployment.

Ensuring rigorous and secure control of SAP access

Implementing automated and secure SAP access management to ensure strict regulatory compliance and support the international deployment of SAP.
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Access automation in response to personnel movements

Automate real-time updating of SAP access for each hire, transfer, or departure to maintain optimal security and reduce operational costs.

Centralization and standardization of SAP access

Create a centralized directory describing the organization, positions, and responsibilities to standardize SAP access across over 200 international sites, thereby improving operational efficiency and securing information.
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The ROK Solution

Access Management.
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Automation of SAP access.

The ROK Solution enabled automated and secure management of SAP access, ensuring instant updates in case of personnel changes, secure information, and cost reduction.

Centralized directory

A ROK directory detailing the organization, positions, and responsibilities facilitated access management.

Advanced technology

The use of validation workflows and RPA technology by ROK automated access rights generation, significantly simplifying internal processes.
“We hoped for this level of automation, but we didn’t dare to imagine it.”Virginie Trojman, Head of Management Applications at Elis, testifies to the revolutionary impact of ROK on SAP authorization management.

Results and Impacts for Elis

A revolution in ERP access management.

Increased efficiency and security

The automation and centralization of SAP access have enhanced security and reduced maintenance costs. ROK robots securely assign permissions, significantly reducing the integration time for new entities.

Total control over access

Elis has achieved a higher level of compliance and control over its ERP systems, thanks to precise and easy access management, simplifying maintenance over time.
The collaboration between Elis and ROK Solution perfectly illustrates how secure and automated ERP access management can transform the operations of a company in full international expansion.

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