Global Supplier Repository Optimization and Security

Transdev, a global leader in the mobility market, tackled the challenge of enhancing the reliability of its supplier repository system to optimize its procure-to-pay (P2P) process through ROK Solution.


Transdev and Innovation in Public Transportation

11 m

passengers daily

7.4 bn €

in revenue

85 000

employees (17 countries)

Standardization and reliability of supplier data

The uneven quality of supplier files created by the various entities of Transdev posed a major challenge to the “Procure-to-Pay” initiative, requiring a solution to streamline and secure this data.

Standardizing supplier data entry

Ensuring consistent and secure entry of supplier data to facilitate the P2P process.

Optimizing the purchase-to-payment process.

Implementing efficient and compliant management of the purchase-to-payment process across the organization.

Financial risk and compliance control

Minimizing fraud risks and ensuring regulatory compliance across all operations.
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The ROK Solution

Revolutionizing supplier management at Transdev.
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Streamlining supplier data

ROK Solution enabled Transdev to create an approval workflow application for each new supplier, ensuring consistent and secure data entry.

Automation and compliance

ROK’s No Code application automated supplier information verification and mandatory documentation, contributing to data compliance and internal control.
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Automation and securing of processes

The use of OCR and RPA capabilities by ROK has facilitated the automatic recognition of IBAN, integrating the data directly into Transdev’s ERP. This innovative system helps significantly reduce errors and optimize the supplier validation process, handling over 1000 requests per month.
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An impactful transformation for Transdev​

Towards optimized and secure supplier management.

Increased efficiency

The procure-to-pay process has been significantly improved, enabling smoother and compliant management of transactions with suppliers.

Compliance and security

The solution has strengthened internal control and data compliance, reducing the risk of fraud and lowering operational costs while ensuring enhanced security in supplier management.

Technological innovation

The integration of OCR and RPA capabilities demonstrates Transdev’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of its operational processes.
The success story of Transdev illustrates how the ROK Solution platform can transform complex business operations by providing powerful tools for standardization, automation, and securing critical business processes.

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