Finally, content on the Cloud!

The Cloud is here, and it is real! In a context where competition gets fiercer every day, companies need to maintain their edge, and the Cloud is a valuable solution to consider.

For many companies, the question does not lie with actually using the Cloud, but rather how to do it!

ROK Solution was developed on Microsoft’s Cloud, Windows Azure, in order to provide clients with immediate returns on investment. No more complex installations, no more waiting for investment greenlights or IT resources, ROK’s externalized platform frees you from logistic and human infrastructure concerns.

With ROK, harness the power of the best Cloud features. Today, most collaborative solutions on the market are more declarative than actually structured. Thanks to ROK and the Cloud, knowledge collection and processing is optimized, by facilitating synergy and translating knowledge (guidelines) into application components. Collective knowledge becomes collaborative, generating real value, and helping to reach competitiveness goals.

Finally, ROK allows seamless integration with other Cloud-based solutions (such as SharePoint, Office 365 or Microsoft Dynamics), generating instant ROI.

Thanks to the Cloud, you can now deploy processes in a few clicks, very intuitively and flexibly. Integrating and using ROK requires little to no change management.

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