ROK Solution takes on competitiveness challenges thanks to Windows 8

ROK Solution, Microsoft partner, is the first integrated collaborative mapping, modeling, workflow, and risk management solution on the market to work on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud.

In today’s globalized market economy, being competitive is no longer an option; it has become a crucial aspect for companies. Today, two essential driving forces allow companies to achieve this: optimization and innovation.

The French Institute of Industrial Property, INPI, has stated that in 5 years’ time, 50% of innovations will stem from collaborative processes. Real time collaboration has become a major challenge for companies. Making it possible to communicate between remote collaborators everywhere and the rest of the company has become a critical aspect of efficient collaboration.

Companies need to strive for mobility and flexibility. This is where a combination of Cloud and touch interface technology can come into play. ROK Solution was built around these new business practices and is available today on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. For a monthly fee, this plan grants complete control over costs and makes it possible to connect from everywhere with an Internet or mobile connection (3/4G). ROK Solution’s very user-friendly interface was designed to work on touch devices, ensuring quick and intuitive operation for immediate returns on investment.

ROK Solution allows companies to:

  • Model processes simply and intuitively
  • Execute workflows in a few clicks and manage key indicators easily
  • Map out dynamic layouts (process management, risks, IS, content) in real time
  • Receive relevant information at the right time, thanks to custom user dashboards.

That much is clear: companies focused on the future need to innovate, integrate new technology and new means of communication. These are only a few examples of what will impact company competitiveness and differentiation. ROK Solution helps anticipate these factors and supports clients through this transition.

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