Get competitive now! From promises to reality with ROK Solution

In an environment of highly tense market conditions, it is time for companies to take initiative and gain a competitive edge to keep leading the race.

Improve transversal process productivity

In an environment of highly tense market conditions, it is time for companies to take initiative and gain a competitive edge to keep leading the race.

Too many promises yield too few significant results. Many General Managers are starting to run out of ideas to keep their company competitive, and hesitate to promote new and daring initiatives. Projects stagnate, status quo becomes the norm and competitiveness decreases.

Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO shares his point of view on competitive companies “for dummies”.

“Competition strategies need to undergo a complete overhaul!” Drop promises, switch gears to control your company’s competitive advantage sustainably. Join our clients, switch to ROK Solution.

  • Gain control over your operation thanks to collaboration and processes intuitively integrated into transaction systems (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, …)
  • Boost productivity and reduce costs in a few weeks’ time, by reorganizing collaboration between teams on all relevant company activities.
  • Gain flexibility and harness the constant evolution of your working environment.
  • Promote innovation through Collaborative Intelligence, lead your collaborators and partners by giving them access to knowledge and activities optimized for their relevant tasks, generating value and creating new patents.
ROK Solution, acclaimed by their clients, and awarded by Microsoft Finance Innovation and Red Herring 100.

ROK Solution is a Collaborative Intelligence platform with a state-of-the-art architecture, recognized as the most efficient on the market. ROK Solution has won the Microsoft Finance Innovation 2012 award and has been selected among the Red Herring Europe top 100.

ROK Solution’s low service costs, easy integration and overall flexibility are decisive arguments to ensure fast return on investment:

  • Reduction of costs and delays related to financial processes (closing, budget, management control) up to 40%
  • Optimization of logistics and transaction times on local and global operations by 60 to 80%
  • Improvement of internal and client services, better client satisfaction and retention
  • Improved control over transversal processes that generate risks and inefficiency: HR, special projects, transformation, merger-acquisition-divestitures…
  • Faster market integration for products, with no additional costs, amounting to several weeks’ worth of turnover savings
  • Improvement of operational and administrative production potential, identification of tasks with no added value, and other ineffective processes
  • Knowledge sharing leading to the creation of new, optimized processes and decisive patents

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