Manage your Fast and Lean Closing Projects

A ROK Client recently told us: “We close accounts in less than 10 days and our productivity has increased by 50%”. What if you were next?

Completing Accounting Closing procedures in a timely manner is an important challenge for finance managers. So important in fact, that account closing times are often seen as health indicators for a company’s organization. As such, more and more companies seek to implement efficient Fast and Lean Closing projects.

Resting on a set of methods, management tools, control points and procedure improvements, as well as IS architecture optimization, these projects aim to provide faster reporting, but also more frequent, reliable and more relevant, in order to promote faster decision-making, which can make a significant difference on highly competitive global markets.

Fast and Lean Closing projects help companies reduce closing times, publish results according to collaborators’ needs and responsibilities, and improve overall output data quality, which translates to a significant boost for competitiveness.

How does ROK Solution handle these aspects?

ROK is a Collaborative Intelligence platform that allows companies to map out, model and execute processes, managing risks and following performance indicators dynamically and in real time. The entire management structure is integrated to a unified communication platform. Gone are the days of departments failing to communicate efficiently, along with tools requiring heavy formation and integration costs. With ROK, users are at the center of the structure, and modeling processes becomes ridiculously easy.

In order to share knowledge and help our clients lay out their process efficiently, ROK Solution comes with its natural companion, the ROK Store. Filled to the brim with data and preset processes, the ROK Store gives access to many useful references, which can be easily integrated into your company workflows. Carry out projects easily, thanks to proven and easy to use references requiring little to no adaptation to your company specificities.

ROK Solution is the only integrated Fast Closing solution; ready to use, adaptable, fast and easy to deploy. Hosted on the Cloud and available on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, ROK Solution can easily interface with existing Information Systems, optimizing IT investments, and making change management easier for your company.

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