360° on Governance and Access Management

Authorize the right people to access the right resources, at the right times, for the right reasons
Do not exclude any software or any actor
Provision your IS in real time

Identity governance administration IGA

Real-time mastery of 100% of accesses to your IS

Because ROK models your organizations and workflows with the same ease, it’s simple and fast to map and maintain the completeness of employee and partner accesses.

Map your application accesses

ROK offers you the simple collection, centralization, mapping, and orchestration of your users and applications, whether internal or external, regardless of the complexity of your organizations or the dispersion of your collaborators.

rok solution

Organization collection


+ Software inventory


= Attribution matrix

cartographie applicative

Real-time monitoring and control

Every movement of employees, as well as any organizational changes, will update the rights matrix in real-time, perfectly integrated with your directories, HRIS, and existing ITSM tools.

64% of companies don’t have up-to-date application mapping, and the implemented ITSM tools only cover part of the scope… yet achieving 100% coverage of rights is possible in a short time.

Provision 100% of your application rights

You probably already have ITSM applications that allow you to accelerate and ensure the provisioning of your most critical application rights. However, your functional coverage is not always exhaustive, and its proper functioning requires discipline from your employees.

Because ROK orchestrates who’s who, so that any movement of an employee (internal or external) automatically triggers the update of appropriate access rights in your application solutions.

Integration with your HRIS and electronic directories
interface glisser deposer
Automated utilization of your pre-existing ITSM workflows
Integrated creation of appropriate in, out, and move workflows to complement your coverage

Make all your accesses systematic and real-time effortlessly, while maintaining what already works… without neglecting the complexity of your organization, your businesses, or your partner ecosystem.

Risk control and compliance​

risques conformite
Integration of SoD

Dynamic access and risk management thanks to ROK’s unique concept.

360° Reporting

Use every feature of ROK as a sorting or selection criterion.

Risk mapping

Use APIs to report on the main BI tools in the market.

Audit process

Create your own risk audit campaigns.

Manage permissions, SAP licenses, and SoD

Standardize and automate while reducing complexity… with ever-increasing security.


Authorization automation

sod monitoring

SoD controls monitoring capabilities

sap licenses

SAP license management

✓ Functional coverage: SAP IDM / Acces Control / SAP SoD
✓ Scope: SAP HR / SAP BPC / SAP Fiori / SAP ECC / SAP BW

Steering access to documents and processes

carto ged
cycle de vie
Document lifecycle management

Tracking and updating documents to ensure their compliance.

Secure access to the Document Management System

Access the appropriate documents in real time, regardless of the data source.

Secure access to processes and operating procedures

Customized access for each employee to their specific processes.

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