ROK Solution meeting “Digital Enterprise and Competitiveness” was a tremendous success

Parisian Hotel George V opened this morning to host the ROK Solution meeting “Digital Enterprise and Competitiveness”. For the occasion, Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO and founder shared his views on competitive challenges and presented ROK Solution to more than 40 attendees.

Company competitiveness requires global, interconnected and interoperable user-friendly solutions that support multiple devices and uses

Olivier Bourrouilh showed a retrospective on the acceleration of evolution and changes brought by innovation, communication, trade and finance. These changes can be perceived as a real opportunity to improve company competitiveness, provided they access and harness global, interconnected, interoperable, user-friendly solutions for multiple devices and uses.

Powerful organization + Innovation strategy = Competitiveness

ROK Solution, live from George V Hotel, Paris

Olivier Bourrouilh, seconded by Nicolas Vizcaino, presented ROK Solution in a four-point demonstration.

  • HR Management and Integrity: ROK Solution’s true strength lies in the patent tying together the organization structure, user rights and activities, and ensuring synergy and integrity between them.
  • Fast content integration for seamless use: With ROK Solution, instead of starting from scratch, import all the existing company content and processes in a few clicks.
  • Accessibility for everyone, seamless changes: Processes within ROK Solution can be executed in workflow with thousands of collaborators. Every user receives a clear and simple task to perform, in their language.
  • Collaborative Hub: Companies can finally get rid of email clutter and complex ERP access, now managed by job and task-specific references.

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