Customer successes : Transforming businesses through innovation and excellence

Discover how ROK Solution, through secure No Code solutions, transforms the digitalization of businesses, optimizes processes, strengthens security, and ensures compliance, thereby generating remarkable efficiency gains.

Measurable results on a global scale

Transformative impact of ROK Solution.

3 mois

Rapid integration

Instant secure web access, simplified No Code modeling and interconnection.


Countries served

Over 450 sites in multilingual and multi time zone.

75 %

Reduced operational costs

Thanks to streamlining workflows and eliminating redundant manual tasks.

5 €

SaaS License

High margin per user, including maintenance and scalable updates.

35 %

Improved customer satisfaction

Thanks to faster and more reliable processes at our clients.


Security incident

Reported following the adoption of ROK solutions.

Our Customer successes

Discover the successes generated by ROK Solution around the world.

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Beyond customer case studies, ROK opens a world of opportunities tailored to every industry. Join us and discover how to transform your organization with our versatile platform.

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