Use AI without exposing your IT infrastructure

The emergence of AI within digital applications and the explosion of AI-related use cases raise questions about the way forward.


The ROK team has determined that we cannot ignore this technology, nor can we fully integrate it at the risk of exposing our IT infrastructure.


Our choice has been to offer research when and where we deemed it relevant, to support the modeler in their questioning, and to present the research results in a format that ROK can assimilate.


Three major benefits are now available.


Interconnect your Apps quickly

Create connectors easily with ROK and AI while protecting your data.

No Code Connector creation with ROK

ROK offers an interface that allows you to create connectors (APIs and web services) with any third-party application using a No Code approach. While there is no code to write, the process still requires careful reading of the documentation related to the target software.

Design Assistant with AI

We have integrated a design assistant into our interface, allowing you to request AI to present, in the expected format, the key elements of any connector.

Independence, confidentiality, and speed

No need for an API ‘store.’ No dependencies or indiscretions. It’s a significant time-saving in both creation and maintenance, all while ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

no code connectors

Reduce application creation time by 10 times

Automated Application Creation with ROK and AI.

automatic application documents chatgpt

Simplified management of the specifications document

The heaviest work often involves describing the desired application (specifications document), listing the desired input and output information (e.g., what to include in an employee record), identifying the necessary documentation (legal, social, etc.), and so on.

ROK Assistant for automated architecture

We’ve integrated an assistant into ROK that allows you to open AI, provide it with the right questions, and receive a structured response that you can import into ROK to automatically generate the architecture for a new ROK application.

Easy and accelerated finalization

The remaining work will involve formatting, simple algorithms, and integrating connectors if necessary (the latter can also be accelerated by AI).

Reduce repository creation time by 100 times

Optimize Your Organization with ROK and AI.

The importance of structuring your organization

Describing all the procedures that structure your organization and its operations can be lengthy and labor-intensive. However, it is advisable to undertake this exercise in order to allocate work correctly. In some cases, it is mandatory for regulatory and compliance reasons (banking, insurance, regulated professions, etc.).

Standardization and optimization

ROK allows you to standardize the presentation of your processes and procedures using various existing sources, including flowcharts, documentation, and more. Today, we’ve integrated a connector and an assistant with AI that allows you to ask relevant questions to the AI and collect the information in a format directly importable into ROK. This effortlessly generates task distribution flowcharts aligned with your actual organization, connecting the necessary documentation and IT links.

Maximize your productivity

The time savings are significant. Furthermore, the process is structuring, as ROK allows you, in a subsequent step, to translate the processes you want to automate into No Code applications.

Procedure Repositories

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