Financial Institutions : Accelerate your company's transformation in Full Compliance

The transformation of financial institutions continues to accelerate due to the influx of new players in the market, such as fintech companies and neobanks.

To respond to these challengers, traditional banking institutions must reinvent themselves by finding new disruptive models and adapting their strategy to provide increased value to customers in order to maximize customer loyalty.

Simply offering online banking services is no longer sufficient; all internal processes must now be digitized to increase efficiency and ensure the organization’s sustainability in an environment where each day brings a new challenger.

Identity governance administration IGA

Pains of Financial Institutions in the Digital Age

Limited visibility

Process variability

Manual methods of workflow and task management

Disconnection between IT and sales teams

Innovative solution for the transformation of Financial Institutions

Process modeling

ROK’s unique business process modeling framework.

Workflow and form creation

Flexible workflow modeling and form creation by business users using no code platform.

Application orchestration

Application orchestration by business users using no code platform.

Roles and operational reality

Automatic provisioning/deprovisioning linked to workflows, defined roles and operational reality.

Developer tools

Citizen developer tools to develop business applications.

Collaboration tool

Built-in collaboration tool for team development, feedback management and agile project management (GANTT / PERT).


RPA capabilities to automate simple, repetitive tasks and workflows using document understanding and AI.

Maximizing efficiency and compliance of Financial Institutions

Access management

Aligns authorizations with organizational roles and responsibilities.

Applicative hub

Enable business users to manage the end-to-end app lifecycle seamlessly. Creating, testing, deploying and monitoring apps from a single platform no IT oversight.

Pre-built connectors

Applications can be extended without limitation using ROK’s pre-built connectors or building the connectors in-house using our no code visual interface.

ROK Cloud

Scale like a cloud-native without painful revamping.

Fast deployment

Run on public, private or hybrid clouds with a single-click deployment and without compromising on security, data or tooling integration needs of the business.

Security and governance

Ensure security and governance with user-based security and a comprehensive admin management.

Maintaining and monitoring

Through ROK’s citizen development program. All those must-have apps are built on IT-approved platforms, giving IT the visibility and control they need to maintain and monitor quality and security.


available for all stakeholders.

Seamless Business / IT collaboration

Avoid the frustration of departmental silos by using a common visual model to foster seamless business-IT collaboration throughout the app creation process.


Leverage the platform’s open and extensible framework to utilize existing technology investments and integrate with any system, data source, or cloud services to build powerful solutions.

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