Companies with complex ERP systems, including SAP

As your company continues to grow, the ERP system becomes increasingly dominant. Consequently, access and identity management become increasingly critical issues.

Precise management of access and identities becomes inevitable in order to control all associated risks, particularly those related to Segregation of Duties (SoD).

In theory, this falls under the purview of the IT department. However, identity management and segregation of duties are topics that must be addressed at the enterprise level and not merely as a technical issue for the IT department.

It is essential for each company to understand that identity and access management concerns the entire organization, and leadership sponsorship is crucial.

Identity governance administration IGA

Overcoming the challenges of ERP-SAP integration

Disconnected authorizations

Easily understandable, traceable and up-to-date across the entire company.

Overly-broad access rights

No control over overly-broad access rights leading to potential errors, data leakage or fraudulent activities.


Unknown and unmitigated risks related to segregation of duty violations.

Optimize your ERP-SAP with advanced features

Fast business process modeling

Flexible workflow modeling creation

by all business users thanks to no code platform.

Application orchestration

by all business users thanks to no code platform.

API connectors

No code visual creation of API connectors between applications.

Automatic provisioning & deprovisioning

linked to workflows, defined roles and operational reality.

Detection of anomalies

Automatic alert concerning any anomaly.


A dashboard available to all users.

Advantages of our ERP-SAP Solution

Organizational roles and responsibilities

Authorizations aligned with the organizational roles and responsibilities at all times.

Access rights

Instant and automatic control over excessive access rights.


Ensures Segregation of Duty in a sustainable way.

Compliance reports

Compliance reports are available to audit teams.


Controlled financial and legal risk of non-compliance and fraud.

Time saving

Provisioning / deprovisioning does not burden IT anymore.


Quick and secure application orchestration without IT help.


ROK app store & Community

Citizen development community to foster digital initiatives in a secure, compliant way.


Time saved for all: IT and Business teams smooth collaboration.

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