Onboarding of assets and application rights

Real-time and hands-on management of the business based on what already works well, while incorporating the expanded scope of your partner consultants, temporary workers, subcontractors, etc.

Expanded directory


Application rights


Your employees' ecosystem managed in real-time

In a complex environment with multiple locations, diverse professions, multiple organizational systems, and an open collaborative ecosystem, ROK ensures real-time orchestration of your employees, the assets entrusted to them, and the authorized application access… without disrupting what already exists and works.

Manage your org charts, partner ecosystem, assets, and application rights...

Update the extended list of employees

  • Connect ROK to your digital inputs (HRIS, digital directories, etc).
  • Easily complete it through custom collection flows offered by ROK.
  • Automatically maintain this integrated list.

Update of assets and application rights

  • Take stock of existing and authorized assets and application rights.
  • Easily complete them through custom collection flows offered by ROK.
  • Maintain and integrate them into existing ITSM or other tools.

Collecting information through a custom ROK form.


Identify, visualize, and map with precision


Who’s who ?Digital org chart extended to the ecosystem

  • Real-time multi-company onboarding.
  • Integrates with your HRIS and electronic directories.
  • Always up-to-date, regardless of your organization’s complexity.

Who does what ?Asset management and application mapping

  • Integrations with existing ITSM tools.
  • Automatic update of access rights.
  • Provisioning.

Onboarding Application: Your real-time, hands-on solution

Easily maintain an up-to-date organizational chart by automating updates, centralizing data, offering configuration flexibility, and enhancing visibility and transparency.

Perfect welcoming of employees

Control and management of the organizational chart

Control and management of IT access

Allocation of tools (PCs, badges, etc.)

Your Onboarding flow: 100% customizable and configurable

With ROK, simplify the integration of your new employees by creating custom applications and interfaces.


Define roles according to your organizational chart

For a process tailored to your organization.


Assign clearly defined tasks

To all key positions in the onboarding process.


Integration of Document Management System at each step

Videos and documents to create a user-friendly journey.


Simplified web interface for the new entrant

Endless configuration: registration, training, team introduction…


Create an unlimited number of automated workflows

Pre-onboarding, onboarding, outboarding, and employee moves.


Streamlined creation through project tracking

Create your workflow collaboratively with managers.


Reporting from creation to recruitment

KPIs, performance reports at each key stage of the process.


Integration with the company's tools

Teams, Slack …

Go ahead and get started right now!