Collaborative Project Management and Lean Managemen

Control and steer with the Team Management module:

Encourage and secure digital initiatives

Collaborative tools for effective transformation

Governance made easier

Innovative solutions for remote work

team management

Management and steering of digital initiatives

Use ROK to encourage active participation in digital transformation while securing both access and governance.

Lean Management

Steering and documentation of application and workflow development.

Project orchestration

Use of tools such as Kanbans and Gantt charts for integrated project management.


Creation of communities around digital projects or initiatives.

A collaborative platform

Accelerate open innovation and promote initiatives and synergies.

Creation of exogenous working groups:

  • Facilitate the launch of complex projects by quickly integrating your teams, integrators, consultants, and publishers.

Secure collaboration flow:

  • Ensure secure access to tasks and documentation, respecting confidentiality.
  • Access is automatically regulated based on roles and responsibilities.

Unification and mastery of processes:

Create an integrated ecosystem for

  • Effective communication between teams.
  • Centralized and easily accessible project documentation.
  • Accurate tracking of the project, including delays and costs.

Lean Management approach

Monitoring, sharing, and optimization of management processes.

pilotage documentation

Steering and documentation

Precise management and comprehensive documentation for the development of applications and workflows.

gestion des travaux

Work management

Indexing and sharing of ongoing work with comments, for better team coordination.

liste des responsabilites

Task lists and responsibilities

Management of task lists, responsibilities, schedules, and deadlines.

approche lean management

Project Management approach

Strategies and tools for effective project management.

approche project management
gestion de projet

Project management

Comprehensive strategies for planning, executing, and monitoring projects.

indexation des documents

Document indexing

Centralization and ease of access to project documentation.

outils visuels

Visual tools

Use of Gantt charts and Kanban boards for a clear overview and better prioritization.

Collaboration and Communication approach

Community creation and automation.

communautes intelligentes

Smart Communities

Rapid creation of communities around projects.

automatisation des communications

Automation of communications

Chat, emails, alerts, video conferences for smooth and secure communication.

securite des informations

Information security

Ensuring secure documentation and reliable information flow, with automatic identification of responsibilities and roles.

approche de collaboration et de communication

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