ROK Generativ: When AI Reinvents No Code

AI No Code

ROK announces the launch of a new version of its no-code platform, integrating a non-intrusive generative AI. This innovation brings speed, expertise, reliability, and security in the modeling of applications, robots, and processes.

ROK is now recognized as the most secure no-code platform on the market (see article). Thanks to its user-friendly graphical interface, your non-technical employees can create complex applications or robots with simple drag-and-drop actions. The created applications can be connected to your information system without code, ensuring continuous integrity with your electronic directories in an expanded ecosystem. This guarantees real-time management of application rights and authorizations.

ROK Generativ disrupts the no-code world by allowing the delegation of application, robot, or process design to an exogenous AI (thus blind to your data) through a conversational interface integrated into the no-code platform.

The experience is unique, and you can immersively view the graphical visualization in ROK of the application corresponding to your request (see video)

Another impressive feature is that ROK will assign collaborator accesses and application rights in real-time while the AI remains exogenous to ROK, ensuring your data’s confidentiality.

The application, created in a few minutes, can be immediately published on the web or submitted to an amendment and validation process via ROK’s historical no-code application, including the validation workflow and lean management processes.

The possibilities offered by this solution are limitless

      • Creating Applications from Scratch

    ROK Generativ allows the creation of applications, robots, or formalizing processes without needing a detailed specification in advance. In a few minutes, submit your problem to the AI, which will propose a suitable solution. Tasks and IT connections are automatically assigned. You can interact with the AI to refine the solution before finalizing it in no-code and publishing it via ROK’s web interface.

        • Real-Time Consulting Tools

      Consulting firms can use ROK Generativ to create applications live during needs analysis meetings with their clients. The AI, with its sectoral and regulatory knowledge, can assist junior consultants by providing specific insights. This allows for quickly providing a digital response to be validated or amended at the end of the meeting. The project management tools integrated into ROK will enable teams to be piloted through optimization processes.

          • Content Centralization and Management

        Companies with formalized processes spread across various diverse and dispersed documents can benefit from ROK Generativ to centralize and standardize these contents. The ROK platform allows for the creation of an auditable and up-to-date repository with real-time access rights management. This is particularly useful for companies with stringent regulations or standardized operating protocols (banks, insurance, justice, pharmaceutical/medical…).

        ROK Generativ offers a highly operational solution that addresses confidentiality challenges while enabling the creation of complex and personalized workflows. Integrated with your organizations, directories, and information systems, this offering boosts innovation while maintaining strict control. It broadens your skills and accelerates digital transformation by empowering your business employees to create and innovate securely. Speed, innovation, and security are the keywords of this solution that will broaden the scope of possibilities.

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