Organizational management at the heart of the automotive industry

Novares, a major player in the automotive industry, faced the challenge of limited organizational visibility and difficult control over its rapidly expanding organization. Thanks to ROK Solution, Novares transformed its organizational chart management and effectively prepared for mergers and growth.


Expansion of Novares and organizational challenges

1.3 bn €

Revenue in 2019

Vehicles produced worldwide


Countries (43 manufacturing plants)

Mastering organization in a growth context

Novares was facing major challenges related to the lack of visibility of organizational movements and the difficulty of maintaining control due to its aggressive acquisition strategy.

Ensuring sustainable and flexible management of the organization

Amidst the rapid evolution of the company, maintaining an agile and compliant organization.
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Facilitating mergers and supporting growth.

Preparing the company to effectively integrate new acquisitions.

Securing and controlling access rights.

Ensure accurate management of access rights to minimize financial and compliance risks.

The ROK Solution

Digital organization architecture of Novares.
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Complete management of the organization

ROK enabled Novares to efficiently manage 6,000 employees across 43 sites in 23 countries by modeling entry/exit processes, mobility, and access rights. This solution not only facilitated the merger with KeyPlastics to create the Novares brand but also ensured compliant and controlled organization management.

An integrated and dynamic repository

With ROK, Novares benefits from an integrated organizational repository, enabling real-time visualization of roles and responsibilities associated with access rights. The dynamic org charts, supporting business process execution, provide unparalleled flexibility to display various business units, sectors, and countries.

Creating a collaborative environment

ROK has introduced a collaborative project environment allowing Novares to gather the ecosystem of stakeholders, both internal and external, around a shared digital workspace in the cloud. This has simplified project task allocation and facilitated distributed project team collaboration, while integrating change management and documentation.
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Results and Impacts for Novares

Towards sustained growth.

Enhanced Organizational Control.

Novares has gained full control of its organization, now feeling comfortable with its ambitious plans for ongoing growth.
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Ease of Application Design

Novares teams are capable of designing business applications directly from specifications, quickly transforming ideas into operational solutions thanks to ROK’s powerful No-Code in natural language.
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Novares’ success story perfectly illustrates the effectiveness of ROK Solution in the automotive industry, providing a powerful platform for managing organizational transformations and preparing for mergers, while ensuring compliance and rigorous control over processes and access rights.

Ensure compliance and rigorous control over processes and access rights today with ROK Solution!