ROK Solution selected in the RED HERRING Europe Top 100

American magazine Red Herring has selected ROK Solution out of 1000 international companies for the Red Herring Global Award, which rewards the most promising international technology companies. The famous American magazine has selected the most innovative actors in the High Tech sector, and evaluated them on quantity and quality criteria, such as the level of […]

ROK Solution will attend French Tech Tour 2012

ROK Solution, publisher of a Collaborative Intelligence platform, has been selected to attend the famous French Tech Tour 2012. For ROK, this is a year of innovation and consecration, as success and awards keep piling up: 1st place Microsoft Finance Innovation Award, successful fundraisers, and now tickets for the French Tech Tour 2012! For this […]

Back from the French Tech Tour, the CEO speaks up

Olivier Bourrouilh: “A Venture Capitalist told me ‘If your product does what you say it does, your competitors will shake in their boots…’ and I can tell you, it does that, and even more”. Hello Olivier, thank you for taking a few moments to answer our questions after this thrilling week. As the platform’s creator, […]

ROK Solution, the first multilingual Collaborative Intelligence platform (10 languages)

ROK adds new languages to its multilingual version! As of today, users can collaborate and share in ten different languages. After receiving acclaim from all over the world, ROK solution chose to add new languages to its multilingual Collaborative Intelligence Platform. Now, ROK users will be able to collaborate and share knowledge in ten languages: […]

ROK Solution, a valuable tool for strategy and international expansion

ROK Solution helps drive growth and profit for companies who wish to boost their development and reach new international markets. According to a study on the international presence of French actors, carried out by INSEE, the French national statistics office: “There are about 2500 French groups in charge of 31 000 subsidiaries outside of France, […]

ROK Solution raises 1.5 Million Euros

ROK Solution manage to entice new investors and finish their fundraiser with 1.5 Million Euros. Thanks to support from both newer and older investors, ROK Solution aim to boost their growth and deepen their competitive edge, by entering the American market. Collaborative Intelligence aims to allow company collaborators to pool together their know-how, in order […]