ROK Solution gains new investors, finishing their fourth fundraiser with 800 000€

Having acquired new supporters in their fourth fundraising campaign, ROK Solution seeks to accelerate growth and increase their competitive advantage, by investing more into R&D, deploying a commercial strategy that matches clients’ needs, and developing a technical and commercial partnership program. After increasing staff capacity and hiring 50% more employees, ROK Solution shows once again their determination to conquer markets.

Collaborative intelligence aims to allow company collaborators to gather and share their knowledge to carry out projects and optimize their daily workflows. Such a solution requires combining, structuring, organizing and sharing heterogeneous information and expertise. ROK’s platform was created to do exactly this, without having to use a wide array of tools. Designed for company operatives and decision-makers, ROK’s platform puts users back at the center of their approach and allows to capitalize on non-physical company assets, granting more performance and flexibility. ROK is the first all-in-one solution on the market to integrate BPA, BPM, CRM, BAM tools and more, on a unified 2.0 communication platform.

The platform’s organic and systematic approach, with patented algorithms, allows users to navigate various departments and hubs in their company. This tool allows them to collaborate easily and transparently with anyone in their work environment. ROK helps generate synergies required to carry out company projects.

ROK Solution has also developed the ROK Store. This store gives access to many task references which can be quickly integrated into company workflows. It is now possible for everyone to easily implement projects, by accessing proven, easily-usable references requiring little to no adaptation. This prowess is particularly significant with more complex business uses, such as auditing and consulting. ROK 3.0 and the ROK Store are the cornerstone of an operational service, dedicated to optimizing the performance of companies and collaborators.

Olivier Bourrouilh, ROK Solution CEO and founder is delighted to welcome new shareholders, eager to put their trust in ROK Solution’s future.

ROK Solution will strive to keep a leading position on this thriving market.

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