Model and execute collaborative processes: a key to success for organizations in 2013

In the current context, too many rigid IT solutions do not allow companies to adapt fast enough. It is time we gained back operational control over company processes.

Processes today are the cornerstone of an organization’s performance. Modeling processes can allow to structure, organize and visually execute company activities, and efficiently manage the following aspects:

  • Actor collaboration on extended processes
  • Information System Management
  • Company risk management
  • Performance monitoring and organization optimization

Competitive constraint pushes companies to favor optimization, innovation and flexibility as much as possible. In fact, the definition and management of organizations itself must rest on flexible and innovative methods that support collaboration.

ROK provides a clear answer to this question and revolutionizes process management with their collaborative intelligence platform, which manages to simplify the whole procedure:

  • Model and deploy: You can model and deploy your processes in a few clicks from Word and Excel files, or with a simple copy-and-paste. Link tasks together intuitively with your mouse or fingers on a touchscreen.
  • Collaborate: ROK’s management tool allows you to simply execute and follow your processes as workflows. Collaborate in real time on shared processes linked to your transaction systems (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics…).
  • Control: Thanks to our solution, you can ensure synergy between risk mapping and operational processes, and model your own auditing method, relevant indicators and aspects that need monitoring, into integrated workflows.
  • Perform: You can precisely measure how each process performs, relay the relevant info and build target-oriented action plans to improve process efficiency.
  • Innovate: Create and implement Corporate Social Networks that can be dynamically managed according to the relevant contexts. Switch to Collaborative Intelligence!

ROK Solution provides you with the keys to success in 2013. Contact us now for an online demo!

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